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360 Farming

Students will explore symbiotic farming methods in our 360 farming class! symbiotic farming focuses on creating a sustainable micro ecosystem where each piece of the farm complements the other. Not only is this method fully sustainable, it also strengthens our nations food supply chain by ensuring our local communities are well equipped to feed themselves and their neighbors in times of strain on our supply chain. 

Students will take in a massive amount of useful information in this full day course in both classroom learning and hands on learning on the farm. Students will take home information packets for a lifetime of resources to assist in their own farming journey!


course includes topics such as

- soil types

- planting calendar 

- silage usage

- fertilization

- care of livestock (sheep, goat, pig, alpaca, horses, cattle)

- parasite identification (microscope lab workshop)

- parasite treatment (administering oral drench and subq injections)

- secure fencing and costs

- milk products (soapification, butter, ice cream)

- wool products (shearing washing and spinning) 

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