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Our haunted musical hayride will be closed for the 2023 season to improve parking and upgrade trails. We thank you for your continued support and look forward to serving you in 2024!


Each of our guides will invite guests aboard their magical locomotives equipped with restored antique steam whistles from real trains that traveled the American railways for decades. Our guides will help immerse guests in the haunted musical experience as they embark on their journey through our 3 sets . Whether your guide ends up being a haphazard pirate who somehow always gets you to your destination safely, an old railway conductor who is always checking his pocket watch to keep the tight schedule, a good witch, an ogre... the possibilities are endless at Michigan Haunted Musical!


All of our magical locomotives are equipped with antique restored steam whistles. We power these with compressed air to give our guests a kick of nostalgia as they enjoy their ride. Guests will ride in comfort and safety in one of our fleet of 8 Gap Hill Farms 40' 12 ton tandem axle wagons.



We've built a mini city complete with a 20'x40' asphalt street, multiple vehicles on street parking, 40' sidewalk and a 40' skyscraper. Dr jekyl and mr Hyde battle their inner self in the alleyways of the night with a full live metal band in an ice 9 kills interpritation


One of the largest trees in Michigan is home to one of the most trecherous trolls in history. Bound by a spell to sleep until a certain spell breaking ritual is completed. A 14ft anamatronic sleeping giant built by the legendary distortions unlimited special effects team (alien franchise) is the co star to a tap dancer and pianist. The night might get wild as the duo accidentally awaken this amazing giant!

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