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Our Farming Classes

Select a class below to view and book your educational adventure! 

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(6hr total class) ** Ark fund donations for youth are donated to this class**

- Our 360 total farm class is a crash course on how each piece of a natural farm works towards creating and sustaining a micro ecosystem! Students will learn the total life cycle of our natural farm from studying animal behavior, dietary needs, parasite id and treatment administration, fertilizer collection, seed planting, natural gardening, harvesting, and food storage and more. Students will go home with an invaluable information packet, seed calendar, and knowledge to carry them through a lifetime of sustainable food production.

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Our natural gardening class will cover the essentials of obtaining a green thumb without the use of chemical pesticides. Students will enjoy hundreds of years of organic gardening information as we have taken the time to acquire vintage texts to compile the best methods from all over the world dating back to the late 1800s. Class will cover soil testing, fertilization, identifying planting zones, identifying what seeds to plant, when to plant and harvest, how to control fungus and diseases naturally, density of planting for maximum harvest, and  more. 


Alaskan mill workshop will teach the affordable method of alaskan milling. Students will learn about the safety and proper use of an alaskan chainsaw based mill to easily and affordably turn trees from their back yard in to usable lumber and hard wood slab products. Students will see an alaskan mill demonstration after learning how to properly and safely setup an alaskan mill. Students will then learn about finishing wood products and various tools used to work the wood. Each student will bring home a hard wood slab to take home and further their journey in woodworking with the knowledge theyve learned. 

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