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Natural Gardening

Modern agriculture relies on the usage of harsh chemicals to control weeds, fungus, and plant diseases in order to supply our country with the convenience of grocery store eating. The AG industry genetically designed plants that can withstand these harsh chemicals in order to produce enough food for every American. While these methods have fed millions, we believe in methods of high yield natural gardening that will eliminate the need for any usage of chemical weed control, fungus, or any diseases we may encounter to preserve our environment, strengthen our food supply chain, and reduce/eliminate hunger in all communities.


We've developed our methods of organic gardening through our own experience as well as our collection of vintage organic gardening texts. Did you know that organic gardening has had major movements throughout world history and for the last 100 years many of these methods have been lost as we've grown to enjoy commercial farming in our every day modern lives?  We've taken the time to study these methods and find the most useful natural solutions to gardening. Students in the natural gardening class will learn

- soil types (students will test their self collected soil samples from home, must be dried for 2 days prior)

- crop selection

- planting calendar and planting zones

- mat and mulch weed control method

- pruning to control maximum yield

- pollination and flowering

- watering and drainage

- harvesting and storage

- silage usage

- preparing for next year

- canning and making dry food pellet

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